Plasan unveils new Yagu light-weight protected automobile at Expo Seguridad 2018

Israeli armoured automobile specialist Plasan has unveiled on the Expo Seguridad 2018 exhibition in Mexico Metropolis the brand new  Yagu light-weight protected automobile.

In accordance with the Plasan announce, the brand new automobile is designed to behave like an All Terrain Automobile (ATV) however provides its crew of three individuals the all-around 360 ballistic safety at a stage of B6+ (much like STANAG 4569 Stage II) efficient in opposition to 5.56X45, 7.62X39 and seven.62×51 threats.

WIth entrance and facet home windows and all-round cameras the protected capsule offers glorious situational consciousness and response, utilizing an overhead ultra-light remotely operated weapon, that mounts a 5.56 or 7.62 machine gun and EO sensors operated by the crew from inside the air-conditioned, armored capsule.

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The automobile will also be geared up with a drone launching system, that may function airborne for 27 minutes. With automated goal monitoring options the drone offers enhanced situational consciousness for the crew.

The air-transportable Yagu is positioned to fulfill the wants of particular operations, border patrols, city warfare in addition to particular missions in crime-fighting, the place mild and agile platforms are required. In accordance with Plasan, Yagu offers such excessive safety stage at an exceptionally low weight.

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As its outdoor sibbling, Yagu can transfer on rocky and muddy terrain, on sand dunes and in forest environments, climbing excessive sloping roads. In city scenes Yagu’s compact dimension comes helpful, because it is ready to transfer by slender passages (its width is merely 162 cm), crossing jammed or blocked roads on sidewalks and stairss.

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