The Are No Magic Phrases That Can Dispel The Thought That Liberals Are Smug Elitists

Paul noticed yesterday that “[t]elling folks that voting for an overtly racist and sexist candidate means they’re OK with voting for an overtly racist and sexist candidate makes these folks offended, and subsequently much less prone to vote for any person else” is s”omewhat true however in a posh manner that robs the declare of pragmatic worth.” I feel that is precisely proper. One actually apparent drawback with the Democrats-Lose-As a result of-Liberals-Are-Smug-Coastal-Elitists-Sizzling-Take-Industrial Advanced is that smug liberals are a relentless whereas election outcomes are cyclical. A second apparent issues is that there are smug elitists of each political persuasion and this additionally explains nothing. On this wonderful publish, Paul Waldman provides one other crucial piece of the puzzle: the conservative media has a serious vested curiosity in presenting liberals as smug elitists who look down on white working class folks, and liberals don’t have any significant entry to those voters that may enable them to vary this notion:

Should you doubt this, I’d encourage you to tune in to Fox Information or hearken to conservative discuss radio for every week. Whenever you do, you’ll discover that many times you’re informed tales of some extra of campus political correctness, some obscure liberal professor who stated one thing offensive, some liberal superstar who stated one thing crude about rednecks or some Democratic politician who displayed a lack of understanding of a conservative cultural marker. The message is pounded house time and again: They hate you and every little thing you stand for. […]

The identical is true of Hillary Clinton. At a town-hall assembly in March 2016, she was speaking about the best way to revitalize communities that had been depending on coal however had been devastated by a lack of jobs pushed largely by automation and the fracking increase that made pure gasoline cheaper than coal. Right here’s what she stated:

And we’re going to make it clear that we don’t need to neglect these folks. These folks labored in these mines for generations, shedding their well being, usually shedding their lives to activate our lights and energy our factories. Now we’ve bought to maneuver away from coal and all the opposite fossil fuels, however I don’t need to transfer away from the individuals who did the perfect they might to supply vitality that we relied on.

Wow, that’s fairly respectful! It acknowledges the folks’s laborious work, their sacrifices, their contribution to the remainder of the nation. And but as a result of she additionally acknowledged that every one these tens of millions of coal jobs aren’t coming again, however stated it in a manner she would certainly have appreciated to rephrase — “we’re going to place lots of coal miners and coal firms out of enterprise” — the one factor anybody remembers is that one half-sentence, which was instantly become “Hillary hates coal miners! She needs to destroy their lives!” All of the respect-offering she tried to do was meaningless as soon as it was chewed by way of the gears of the conservative outrage machine. […]

On the planet Republicans have constructed, a Democrat who needs to present you well being care and a better wage is disrespectful, whereas a Republican who opposes these issues however engages in a vigorous spherical of marketing campaign race-baiting is respectful. The one who’s holding you again isn’t the politician who simply voted to present a trillion-dollar tax break to the rich and companies, it’s an East Coast faculty professor who stated one thing condescending on Twitter.

So what are Democrats to do? The reply is easy: It is a recreation they can’t win, in order that they need to cease enjoying. Know on the outset that it doesn’t matter what you say or do, Republicans will cry that you just’re disrespecting good heartland voters. There isn’t a little bit of PR razzle-dazzle that can cease them. Do not forget that white Republicans usually are not going to vote for you anyway, and their votes aren’t any extra worthwhile or virtuous than the votes of another American. Don’t attempt to give you photograph ops displaying you genuflecting earlier than the totems of the white working class, as a result of that received’t work. Advocate for what you imagine in, and clarify why it truly helps folks.

And, as David Roberts notes on this thread, the mainstream media can be strongly dedicated to the narrative that liberals are coffee-drinking, mustard-using city elitists. It’s baked in.

Johnny Unbeatable fantasies apart, there isn’t a Democratic presidential nominee who will have the ability to undergo a complete marketing campaign with out saying one thing that may be yanked out of context or ordering a salad with something in it however iceberg lettuce or one thing else that can be utilized repeatedly to point out that she or he despises white working class voters. Emperor Perez can not impose message self-discipline that forestalls any faculty sophomore from heckling an expert conservative race-baiter or calling the poke particular on the cafeteria cultural appropriation. The one profitable transfer is to not play.


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