Helikon-Tex-Tex Presents PenCott-WildWood Camouflage – Soldier Programs Day by day

PenCott-WildWood® is a brand new sample based mostly on the well-proven and broadly used PenCott® sample geometry, developed on the request of Polish Particular Forces. Working in shut cooperation, Hyde Definition® and Helikon-Tex® created WildWood® to be an optimum sample for the temperate woodland and grassland areas present in Central and Jap Europe – and different comparable terrains around the globe.

The method started with re-appraising the GreenZone® sample to spice up the brown tones and desaturate the inexperienced tone. In-field digital color sampling was used to investigate and confirm the person colors within the palette. By way of a number of iterations of evaluating digital prints in-the-field we optimized and outlined the ultimate color values and printing requirements for the manufacturing of WildWood® materials.

WildWood® incorporates the entire options that make PenCott® patterns essentially the most superior and efficient concealment options in the marketplace as we speak:

· 3-in-1 / 360° sample geometry: the inclusion of huge, medium and small fractal shapes makes the patterns efficient at shut, mid, and lengthy vary – and, due to its non-linear orientation, the total effectiveness of the sample is retained whether or not the wearer is standing, kneeling or inclined.

· Depth + Mixing + Disruption: the mixture of multi-sized fractal shapes, high-difference boundary layers and a hypoacuitively dithered micro-pattern creates the phantasm of depth, while additionally making a sample that each blends into the terrain and disrupts the form of the wearer.

·    Pure tones and textures: the advanced, hybrid design of WildWood® additionally delivers a sample that appears extra ‘natural’, pure and textured than typical digital patterns.

WildWood® is the optimum camouflage resolution wherever the vegetation is a bit drier or sparser. WildWood® joins the present PenCott® sample household of GreenZone® for verdant environments, BadLands® for semi-arid environments, SnowDrift® for winter environments and SandStorm® for arid environments.  WildWood® can also be very appropriate with GreenZone® and BadLands® clothes and tools.

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