Trump's Friday morning Twitter tirade guarantees a particular report from Earth-2

These ready for Robert Mueller’s last report—an all-encompassing, A-Z catalog of the particular counsel’s findings starting from Paul Manafort’s cash laundering to … Donald Trump’s cash laundering—are going to be disillusioned. Not as a result of Mueller hasn’t discovered something, however as a result of it’s unlikely there might be such a report. Earlier investigations, like Iran-Contra or Whitewater, did finally embrace a suitable-for-your-coffee-table assessment, however these got here years after a lot of the ideas had departed. What’s more likely to challenge from Mueller’s workplace is indictments. Then extra indictments. Then nonetheless extra indictments. Then, a letter—probably delivered to Invoice Barr, or whoever comes after Invoice Barr displeases Trump, or whoever serves as AG within the Harris/Gillibrand/Beto administration—saying that the investigation is winding down. That last letter may additionally element whether or not or not Mueller feels there are others who ought to have gotten some paperwork aside from inconvenient Justice Division tips. That’s about it.

That last letter, if it comes, could by no means be seen outdoors of the AG’s workplace. If it lands on Barr’s desk, he can challenge it, redact it, bury it in a time capsule set to 2068, or shred it and eat it with cheese. However even whether it is issued, it’s not possible to comprise the sort of “large image” assessment that many appear to be anticipating.

And amongst that “many” is Donald Trump. Trump spent each Thursday evening and Friday morning warning that not solely is that this investigation being performed by the conflicted finest pal of James Comey and his crew of indignant Democratic refugees from the the Clinton Basis, however that Mueller’s last report … received’t be the ultimate report.  


It has been incorrectly reported that Rudy Giuliani and others won’t be doing a counter to the Mueller Report. That’s Faux Information. Already 87 pages finished, however clearly can not full till we see the ultimate Witch Hunt Report.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 7, 2018

With over 4 hours of “govt time” on Friday morning, Trump has been repeatedly tweeting about how Rudy is so going to blow Mueller out of the water together with his alternate-world refutation of this partisan witch hunt—as quickly as he figures out how the Web works.

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