Armies of Sand: The Previous, Current, and Way forward for Arab Navy Effectiveness

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Accessible January 15, 2019

Because the Second World Struggle, Arab armed forces have persistently punched beneath their weight. They’ve misplaced many wars that by all rights they need to have gained, and of their greatest performances solely ever achieved fairly modest accomplishments. Over time, troopers, students, and army consultants have supplied varied explanations for this sample. Reliance on Soviet army strategies, the poor civil-military relations of the Arab world, the underdevelopment of the Arab states, and patterns of habits derived from the broader Arab tradition have all been instructed as the final word supply of Arab army difficulties.

“Armies of Sand,” Kenneth M. Pollack’s highly effective and riveting historical past of Arab armies from the top of World Struggle II to the current, assesses these differing explanations and isolates an important causes. Over the course of the guide, he examines the fight efficiency of 15 Arab armies and air forces in nearly each Center Jap warfare, from the Jordanians and Syrians in 1948 to Hizballah in 2006 and the Iraqis and ISIS in 2014–17. He then compares these experiences to the efficiency of the Argentine, Chadian, Chinese language, Cuban, North Korean, and South Vietnamese armed forces in their very own fight operations throughout the 20th century.

The guide in the end concludes that reliance on Soviet doctrine was extra of a assist than a hindrance to the Arabs. In distinction, politicization and underdevelopment have been each essential elements limiting Arab army effectiveness, however patterns of habits derived from the dominant Arab tradition was an important issue of all.

Pollack closes with a dialogue of the fast adjustments occurring throughout the Arab world — political, financial, and cultural — in addition to the fast evolution in warfare making because of the data revolution. He means that as a result of each Arab society and warfare are altering, the issues which have bedeviled Arab armed forces up to now might dissipate and even vanish sooner or later, with doubtlessly dramatic penalties for the Center East army steadiness. Sweeping in its historic protection and extremely accessible, this would be the go-to reference for anybody within the historical past of warfare within the Center East since 1945.

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