Confrontation with military soldiers caught on camera

Group yelling at military personnel caught on camera.

On Thursday FOX26 news received cell phone video of an interaction between three people and a group of Army soldiers. The video shows the end of an altercation Brian Humphries witnessed and pulled out his cell phone to record.

“I went there to kind of keep the peace and make sure the civilians didn’t do anything dumb and they did,” said Humphries.

Before Brain Humphries pulled out his cell phone to record, he tells us he was waiting on a food order at the in and out burger near Jensen and 99.

“Looking through the windows and saw the people walk out and obviously saw the military.

Humphries says there were at least a couple dozen military soldiers near a charter bus when he saw a group approach them. He says he’s still getting a grip on what happened next.

“They spit in one of the military guys face, threw a soda on him and called him a bunch of obscenities and just completely disrespectful our guys have to do that.”

The video doesn’t show that or what led up to the yelling. Humphries can be heard apologizing. Humphries says he shot the cell phone video to help aid Fresno Police who showed up later.

“I gave them license plate numbers off the video. Hopefully they can be tracked down. If not they’re on the news now. If you know them shame them guys. If this is your brother, sister or child this is disrespectful,” said Humphries.

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