Hi-Lux Adds 10 Junior High Power Teams to Junior Service Rifle Program

Hi-Lux Adds 10 Junior High Power Teams to Junior Service Rifle Program

Hi-Lux Optics is proud to announce that 10 state junior teams have enrolled in The Hi-Lux Junior High Power Program. According to Hi-Lux’s COO, Chris Wu, the program was established to support the future generation of shooters and help service rifle competition return to national prominence. “As I walked down the firing line last year at the National Matches, I was blown away by how courteous and respectful these junior shooters are. If this is the future generation of shooters, we are in good hands.”

The Hi-Lux Junior High Power Program is a discount program for junior high powers teams on the scope specifically designed for CMP and NRA High Power “Across the Course” Competition.  In addition, Hi-Lux makes a contribution to the junior’s team for every XTC14X34 Competition Rifle Scope purchased.

Hi-Lux began the initial design process for the XTC 14X34 as soon as CMP/NRA optic rule change for 2016 was announced. “We studied the market, surveyed the competitors and saw a specific niche that we could fulfill. Many of highly desired features such as 1/4 MOA clicks and adjustable parallax were only available on very expensive scopes. Our goal for the XTC was to incorporate these features in a purpose built riflescope around the optic rule change – and offer it at a price that is attainable by the blue collar worker. Rather than “paying” for match results, we wanted to level the playing field.”

The Hi-Lux XTC 14X34 has been a big hit at national, state and local competitions. In addition, American Rifleman Magazine features a review of the Hi-Lux XTC 1-4 X 34 riflescope in the January 2019 issue. The review can be accessed here:×34-riflescope

Junior team members can sign up for the program at

For additional information on this or any other Hi-Lux Optics product, send us an e-mail at, call us at 888-445-8912 or visit us at

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