#ShutDownStories trend on social media as Trump and Republicans stuff their bellies with bullsh*t

With the Trump government shutdown lasting well into 2019, millions of Americans find themselves being squeezed by a mad man and his craven minions. Across the internet, people have begun sharing their shutdown experiences under the hashtags #ShutdownStories and #ShutdownStory. Just remember this: Senate Republicans can end this shutdown by bypassing the president’s 11th-hour insistence on a pointless border wall. Senate Republicans already agreed to fund the government without the wall. Now, Trump and the Republicans are hoping that stealing money from disaster relief will end in a political victory for them.


I checked Employee Express. My paystub for tomorrow definitely says $0 net pay. Missed paycheck #1. #ShutdownStories

— jerri. girl. (@jerrigirl) January 10, 2019

That’s the simple fact for many people. That paycheck is not coming when it is supposed to come.


I am not on strike. I was furloughed against my will. I am against spending tax payer money on a wall. I am not on strike demanding a wall. I would very much like to go back to work #notonstrike #ShutdownStories

— James Ecker (@GPUSlayer) January 5, 2019

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