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Detroit PD demotes cruel and racist cop who mocked black woman in viral video

Another day, another pair of racists filming themselves being racist and posting it to the internet. This story comes from lovely Detroit, Michigan, where two positively repulsive police officers posted video footage of a black woman walking home at night after her car was seized for expired license plates. 

At least one of the two Detroit police officers is under internal affairs investigation after Cpl. Gary Steele created a vile Snapchat video Tuesday evening and posted it under his own name. The clip, filmed from the comfort of a warm police car, shows Ariel Moore, 24, walking alone in the snowy night. The officers offer commentary, calling Moore’s cold journey “priceless” and a “walk of shame in the cold.” The clip ends with one of the officers saying, “Bye, Felicia.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Steele also added the app’s “Celebrating Black History Month” overlay, as well as another that reads “What Black Girl Magic looks like.” 

Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ broke the story Wednesday; reporter Simon Shaykhet showed Steele’s nasty video to Moore for the first time, alongside her mother, Monique Mobley.

“What they put on that, that’s racist. They demeaned my child for no reason,” Mobley said.

“I’ve never had this happen to me in my life, so I’m kind of shocked,” Moore added.
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