A&E Shelves Danny Masterson Sexual Assault Episode After Scientology Smear Campaign

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

A long-awaited episode of A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath that will focus on the sexual-assault allegations against actor Danny Masterson has been delayed again, following an allegedly fraudulent campaign against the series.

“We are experiencing classic Scientology attacks,” one of Masterson’s accusers who participated in the episode—and has chosen to remain anonymous—told The Daily Beast. “The week that the decision was made by the A&E network to move forward with the airing of the episode we did for Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, letters started circulating from various sources directed at A&E and Disney calling for the show to be taken off the air, declaring the show and its contributors to be bigots and many other hurtful names. And just this week we discover that at least one of these letters was in fact forged and done without authorization. We were put through these manufactured attacks. Scientology pushed and circulated these letters. The very organization that silenced us victims when we reported being violently raped, is still actively willing to use any means—there is seemingly no end to what they are willing to do just to insure our voices are taken from us.”

The episode, which features interviews with multiple accusers, was previously held due to the ongoing criminal investigation against Masterson. As Tony Ortega reported in 2017, “We’re told that earlier this year, Remini and her co-star Mike Rinder met with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, which expressed concerns about the episode airing while it is considering whether or not to file charges against Masterson. Remini, not wanting to jeopardize the investigation, asked A&E not to air the episode, and the network agreed.”

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