This is not yourgrand father's Democratic Party

This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party

by digby

Gallup did some interesting polling on the Democratic Party’s ideology:

This should not be scary to anyone who worries about the party going “too far left.” It mirrors the self-identification of Republicans as conservatives, a “brand” which dominated American politics for decades regardless of ideology. It’s long past time for the Democrats to stop running from their own brand and embrace it.

As you can see from the charts about issues there’s still plenty to argue about within this big coalition. And even if there weren’t I have no doubt that Democrats would find something. It’s in their nature.

But whatever differences there are, this is likely to be the deciding factor in 2020:

The Democrats’ grand unifier, however, stands outside the party. Despite differing ideologies and opposing views on some issues, on average last year, 82% of conservative Democrats, 91% of moderate Democrats and 96% of liberal Democrats disapproved of the job President Donald Trump was doing as president.

This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party. In fact, your grandmother is a liberal too.


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