Poll: A third of the nation says Cohen's testimony worsened their view of the Trump administration

Nearly a third of the country said Michael Cohen‘s testimony to Congress two weeks ago damaged their view of Donald Trump’s administration, according to a newly released Civiqs poll commissioned by Daily Kos.

Asked if Cohen‘s testimony improved, worsened, or had no effect on their view of the Trump administration, 35 percent said it worsened their view, 11 percent said it improved their view, and 50 percent said it had no effect. Only 2 percent of respondents said they weren’t aware of the hearing, suggesting Cohen‘s testimony was indeed an event with national impact.

So why does that 35 percent matter? Because Democrats are embarking on an ongoing public relations campaign that seeks to fully illuminate Trump’s criminality, thereby potentially convincing a solid majority of Americans that he should be impeached. Cohen’s testimony was one of the first steps in that effort, and this is the first poll to address how the hearing impacted people’s view of Trump across the country. To many, that 35 percent may seem small. But considering the fact that partisan views of Trump and his administration are pretty firmly entrenched among many Americans, only a smaller cross section of the electorate remains persuadable. As the Civiqs data shows, the Cohen hearing dampened the view of at least some occasional Fox viewers (22 percent), more than half of Americans who don’t watch Fox, and 31 percent of independents. In other words, the hearing seems to have reached some of the very people whom Democrats clearly need to reach. 

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