Virgin Islands delegate pounds Wilbur Ross on census hypocrisy, silencing Jim Jordan along the way

Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is being questioned by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Thursday. Democrat Stacey Plaskett is the non-voting delegate from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her non-voting status doesn’t impede her from making her voice heard, however. The main point of contention between democracy and Ross is his inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 census, designed to suppress census numbers among newer immigrants to our country.

Suppressing those numbers can only help conservatives, as it would result in the underrepresentation of populations of Americans not particularly interested in what little the Republican Party has to offer. An example would be the wildly unlikeable Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. Gosar preceded Del. Plaskett in the hearing with a series of inarticulate softball questions, ending with some twisted statement about the Trump administration “following in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson in asking this question.” Barf. Del. Plaskett addressed that strange bit of pontificating before she began her real line of questioning.

Plaskett: Before I go on to my questioning, Mr. Ross, you are aware that Thomas Jefferson said that slaves were counted for 3/5, so I’m not sure that Thomas Jefferson should be the litmus test for what we should be doing for counting census.

Ka-pow. Del. Plaskett used her time Thursday to grill Ross on some of less-than-clear language in the census drafted under his watch.
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