SCUBAPRO SUNDAY – Mask Care Pre and Post Dive

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Dive masks are one of the most basic, and most important pieces of equipment you have for your dive. If your mask falls it makes for a very long and painful dive. To ensure your mask stays in good condition, you must take care of it like the important piece of equipment it is. If you can’t see beneath the surface, what’s the point?

Just as you would always care for your regulator, so should you always remember your mask. This maintenance needs to be a regular routine for your dive trips. Follow the tips below to keep an easy system flowing for your scuba mask care regime.


When a SCUBA mask is made it leaves a lot of film and residue on it. If not cleaned off properly you will never get your mask to stop fogging. You can search the Internet for lots of different ways to clean your mask. I am going to walk thru one of the easiest and safest way to do it. With some of the other way, if not done right you can break your mask glass or damage your frame.

Check your mask for any damage that’s occurred. Look for small cracks in the rubber of the strap or on the skirt. Test the elasticity of the strap, replacing as needed, don’t wait until you are on the dive boat to try test this. Make sure you check the clips as well.

Inspect the skirt on your mask for wear and tears. Also look at the frame of the mask where the glass is seated for imperfections. 


Always rinse your mask with freshwater. Let it dry properly out of direct sunlight. You can clean it with toothpaste or a mask cleaner. Let your mask dry out completely to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Storage and Proactive Care

Mask care includes smart storage. Keep it in a hard-covered case for the best protection from moisture, dust, and impact. If it came with a hard case, make sure you store the mask in that. Plastic parts can stay oddly shaped if crushed or folded down when incorrectly stored for long periods of time. Also make sure it has good airflow to make sure it doesn’t get moldy.

Basic gear maintenance will allow you to keep your gear for a long time and also help it not fail you when it is needed most.



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