Alabama military projects could be in jeopardy over border wall funding

Four Alabama military projects could be in jeopardy if President Trump goes though with plans to build a border wall, through executive powers.

The Department of Defense put out a 20 page list of those military project that are at risk in Alabama. 

Back in February, President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border in order to secure funding for a border wall. 

“It makes no sense to support the president on projects that will hurt Alabama,” said Sen. Bobby Singleton. 

State Senator Bobby Singleton brought up the topic as he was debating a border wall funding bill in the senate. 

These are the four project that’s on the defense department’s list in Alabama: 

$5.2 million for a weapons maintenance shop at Anniston Army Depot

$38 million for a training support facility at fort Rucker

$15.5 million for expansion of the judge advocate general school at Maxwell Air Force Base

$18 million for air traffic control tower at Maxwell Air Force Base

State Senator Del Marsh supports building a wall at the southern border, his bill allowing Alabama taxpayer to donate to building the wall passed the senate. 

“We have a voice in Alabama, we have a voice that we want to have safe borders. we want to protect Alabama and US citizens,” said Del Marsh. 

This is a statement from Senator Richard Shelby: 

“Securing our southern border is of the utmost importance. While no final decisions have been made regarding specific funds to be used for border projects, I will work with my colleagues to backfill any funding that may be diverted from military construction projects.”

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