Not breaking news: White supremacist Steve King can't stop himself from being a racist pig

By all accounts, the flooding that has inundated Iowa—along with much of the Midwest—has been devastating. So naturally, when Rep. Steve King traveled to Iowa this week, he offered words of comfort and promises of assistance.

Nah. After all, this is noted white supremacist and hatemonger Steve King. Instead, he opted to insult the New Orleans victims of Hurricane Katrina, claiming that some unnamed FEMA official—perhaps created in King’s fevered brain after an evening of perusing Stormfront—told King, “We go to a place like New Orleans and everybody’s looking around saying, who’s gonna help me, who’s gonna help me?”

And then, of course, this anonymous—imaginary?—FEMA official allegedly went on to praise Iowans because they help themselves “rather than waiting for outside assistance.” Because of course those overwhelmingly white Iowans are busy “helping each other” and pulling themselves up by those old bootstraps, unlike, say, those predominantly black New Orleanians, who are just sitting around waiting for a handout. Subtle, Steve. Jackass.

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