Who's ashamed of Donald Trump? How about Donald Trump.

Could we interest you in a nice pre-built suite at 725 5th Avenue? It has a Starbucks on the Mezzanine level, floor to ceiling windows, and excellent light. The largest suites even come with a nice view of Central Park. However, as David Farenthold at the Washington Post points out, what’s missing from the description of this fabulous residential space is … the name of the building.

The Trump Organization has put together a sales brochure pushing space at this phenomenal location, which just also happens to be Trump Tower, the central gem in Trump’s real estate crown. But nowhere in the brochure does one encounter the word “Trump.” It’s not there in the picture of the outside of the building. It’s not there in the name of the company offering the units. It’s not there in describing any of the location’s amenities.

The pictures for the brochure have even been carefully cropped so that familiar lower floors of the outside of the tower can’t be seen. And there are no shots of the comically gaudy lobby and its banks of golden elevators. It’s all very clean, very “new” and very much not at all Trumpy. It seems very much like a brochure designed to lure potential condo purchasers to take a look, without ever revealing them that it’s Trump Tower. Because that’s exactly what it is.

Shame about Donald Trump is something shared by about two-thirds of Americans. But it does seem odd to find that Donald Trump is part of that faction.

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