Trump Throws A Tantrum, Says Notre Dame Burning Put A ‘Damper’ On The Excitement At His Presidential Events

Donald Trump spoke during an economic forum in Minnesota on Monday about the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. But it was not words of condolences, but instead words of regret. Trump complained that the fire put a “damper” on the excitement at his upcoming presidential events

“Notre Dame cathedral is something like few people have witnessed,” Trump told the crowd. “When we left [Air Force One], it was, it was burning at a level that you rarely see a fire burn. It is one of the great treasures of the world.”

“Probably if you think about it, I would say, it might be greater than almost any museum in the world,” he continued. “Looks like it is burning to the ground. So, that put a damper what we’re about to say. To be honest.”

Trump also praised the cathedral for being “part of our culture.”

“That is a truly great cathedral. I’ve seen it. There is no cathedral I think I say, probably no cathedral in the world like it,” he said. “It is a terrible sight to behold. With that being said I want to tell you that a lot of progress has been made by our country in the last 2 1/2 years.”

Take a look at the video clip below:
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