Trump's former lawyer hasn't read Mueller report, but knows it 'is pure mischief'

The “total exoneration” of Donald Trump that is the Mueller report sure does seem to have some Trumpsters worried. Take, for instance, Trump‘s former lawyer John Dowd, who was on board in that capacity for almost one year of the investigation. He hasn’t read the report, he tells the Daily Beast, but he knows that the whole thing is just meant to be trouble for Trump.

“I haven’t read it, but it’s just wholly unnecessary,” he told Betsy Woodruff and Sam Stein. “You just don’t need it. It’s pure mischief.” That conservative Republican Robert Mueller, who was appointed FBI director first by George W. Bush, is just out to get Trump, Dowd says. “The trouble is, these special counsels inflate themselves, think they’re more important—and they’re not, in the scheme of things, and it ruptures the system of justice and it’s not fair.”

“To me, it’s a probe that’s tainted by politics and by hate, and I don’t like it,” Dowd said. Which suggests that Dowd might know a little bit about what’s in that report and is freaked the hell out by it. Which also suggests that what Attorney General Bill Barr releases tomorrow is going to be so heavily redacted that the only thing we’ll have seen to rival it will be that black hole picture.

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