Report shows states that voted for Trump are worst to live in, using 70 different metrics

Ever sit back and wonder about how your quality of life compares to what you could experience somewhere else in the U.S.? A new report released by U.S. News and World Report has plenty of data that might help you figure that out. 

Their report ranks 50 states using 70 different metrics. Their goal is to show which states are “best,” and the focus is on big-issue stuff like education, infrastructure, health care, and public safety, to name a few. After all, many things come down to personal taste; someone’s “best” life might be someone else’s nightmare. And that’s okay!

One thing that’s really interesting, however, is the finding that many of the “worst” states went for Donald Trump in 2016. On the flip side, many of the states at the top went blue. Coincidence? Hmm. 

And to be clear: This ranking isn’t discussing the people. It’s not intended to be a judgment on whether people in the state are the “best” or “worst,” but rather the quality of life you can have based on the study’s parameters.

Let’s start with some of the good. As highlighted over at LGBTQNation, states that are particularly solid for LGBTQ protections are among the top “best” places to live. In their analysis, they used the HRC Annual State Equal Index Ratings for reference, but you can use whatever comparison you’d like. Because, for example, a state that ranks high for second-parent adoption rights but is weak on trans employment protections might strongly impact whether it’s actually “best” for you.

Overall, the top 10 is filled with states that voted for Hillary in Clinton in the 2016 election. Among them are Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, and Minnesota. It’s not 100% blue, though, as Utah is among the top five. 

On the other hand, strong Trump states at the bottom of the list include Oklahoma, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

Which state’s ranking stands out to you the most?

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