What does it take for people to turn from affection to dislike for a person or thing?

There’s been a lot written about whether there’s anything Donald Trump can do which will cause Republicans and conservatives to abandon him. In a rational world ruled by ideas of right and wrong and democratic principles, the push and pull of politics should mean if a politician says something stupid or does something criminal, support for their ability to be a leader in government should be affected. However, when the United States is turned into a government by spite, those rules get thrown out the window, since Republican voters have been shown to accept any level of depravity as long as the repugnant assholes doing it stick it to women, minorities, and liberals. The same voters who sit in a church pew on Sunday and think it’s awful the Ten Commandments aren’t in every public office support liars and thieves as they put children in cages and threaten the lives of pregnant women who might make a choice they don’t agree with.

While not totally analogous, the dynamic has similarities to the public’s responses to media. How it is consumed, digested, and the aftermath of reactions from an audience, has a similar push-pull level of affinity, especially with fans who think their views should matter and be considered. Sometimes good storytelling requires not giving an audience what they think they want, but going in a different direction which may piss them off. Likes and dislikes can change. What once seemed like true love can wither on the vine with the passage of time. We don’t wear the same hairstyles our entire lives, don’t keep the same fashion sense, may move from relationship to relationship, and even political and religious beliefs can shift over time. Five or ten years down the road, people look back and wonder why in the fuck did I get that spray tan and wear Ed Hardy Ugg boots? And just like Republican hypocrites not being consistent in what they like or don’t like, how people either do or don’t fall out of love with a movie, television show, literature, politicians, etc., can be for the dumbest of reasons.

So I thought it would be interesting to know what are those films, television shows, music, politicians, relationships, etc., people have fallen out of love with? What was the breaking point? What was the line that caused people to jump off the train, because only stops to crappy and mediocre were ahead? On the other hand, what are those films, television shows, music, etc., where people don’t understand the flack, and think they get bum raps? Is there anything out there in the land of make believe that you think the bulk of criticisms against it are irrational and wrong? The current and final season of Game of Thrones is likely to go down as one of the most controversial and divisive ends to a television series thought of as one of the greatest efforts of the medium. Beyond the arguments about bad story mechanics and unearned character progression, what I find fascinating is how the wind has shifted from excitement and anticipation to jeering and even questioning the integrity of the people who just a few years ago were widely acclaimed.

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