Ex-ESPN Reporter’s Suspicious Sports-Gambling Behavior Sets off Alarms

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Darren Rovell, the former ESPN sports business reporter who currently works for the Action Network, a subscriber-based sports gambling information website, found himself under intense scrutiny after gambling aficionados on Twitter posted evidence he’d edited his bets after they’d been placed. And those bets were originally larger by many orders of magnitude than his usual bet sizes.

Though he’d been challenged about the size of the bets as far back as six months ago and told they distorted the overall picture of his gambling skills, Rovell had mostly shrugged off the criticism. But as the clamor grew on Monday, Rovell drastically reduced the amounts he’d wagered. Now, he insisted he’d made a mistake in January, pinning the issue on his lack of gambling knowledge at the time. Still, Rovell denied that he had been intentionally trying to buff up his betting résumé or had done anything wrong, even if his explanations don’t entirely add up.

What’s more, Rovell insisted he’d been specifically asked by his critics to retcon his betting history. After he’d done so, he then charged those self-same critics with acting in bad faith, describing one as a person “looking to start garbage.” (Rovell did not respond to an emailed request for comment prior to publication.)

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