Poll: Massive majority of voters oppose state abortion bans that take away women's freedoms

Abortion bans passed in Alabama, Georgia, and other states are drawing a lot of attention from American voters, with 58% having heard about the bans—more than have heard about congressional investigations into Donald Trump, a trade war between the U.S. and China, or the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. That’s according to a recent poll from Navigator.

Alabama’s ban, which prohibits abortion even in cases of rape or incest, draws the strongest opposition, with just 24% support. In particular, 58% of Republicans said they oppose the Alabama ban and its lack of rape and incest exceptions, while opposition among Republicans dropped to just 28% when the pollster asked about “Recent new abortion bans that have been passed in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Missouri, and other states.”

The people polled strongly identified the abortion bans as “taking away women’s rights and freedoms”—67% said that was the effect of the laws. In other words, voters can clearly see what Republicans are doing with these bills, when they think about it. It’s on us to be sure they don’t forget between now and November 2020.

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