Democrats 'quietly airing' concerns that Trump's lawlessness is overshadowing policy. No kidding

This is dumb and wrong, and everybody involved with it should feel bad. The Washington Post reports, “Democrats are quietly airing concerns that battles with President Trump, including investigations of the president and his administration along with the noisy debate over impeachment, are overshadowing the party’s agenda, threatening its grip on the House in 2020.”

A special counsel has detailed repeated (and ongoing) obstruction-of-justice efforts by a sitting president that have hampered U.S. investigations into (still ongoing) foreign tampering efforts aimed at this nation’s elections; that president’s attorney general has launched a probe into whether federal law enforcement officers ought to face consequences for investigating numerous connections between that president’s candidacy and known Russian agents during an unfathomably consequential anti-U.S. Russian hacking effort; that president’s Treasury head is declaring that Congress is not allowed to investigate that president’s tax filings despite both credible reports of criminal activity and laws giving Congress exactly that power; that president’s party’s Senate leader is refusing to bring forward any bills sent to him by the House, regardless of subject, and its lawmakers have been mounting a concerted effort to defend that president against charges of tax evasion, profiteering off his office, obstruction, campaign finance violations, a career of sexual assault and predation, and take-your-pick.

It’s a little damn late to be fretting over not being able to properly highlight the party’s agenda. The Post reports that, “’Obviously we want to get the word out about the good bills that the House is able to get passed,’ said Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.), a DCCC vice chairman. ‘But it seems like there is a preoccupation with what’s happening as it relates to the White House, and so everything else sort of gets drowned out.’”

No. Freaking. Kidding. And here is the catch: That is going to continue, no matter what bills or policy prescriptions Democrats put forward.
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