Evangelical trump supporters are such hypocrites – Left Wisdom

It seems that a few evangelicals have problems with trump. why? Because he uses words that they consider naughty. Yes, this is a case of the old “taking the lords name in vain” discussion.

I have always found that discussion absurdly petty. That is especially true when the person bringing it up is so delinquent when it comes to the true injunctions in the Bible. You know, those Old and New Testament injunctions about welcoming the stranger, being kind and “allow the children to come unto me”. Those injunctions would seem to be totally opposed to sticking children, including toddlers, in what can only be called concentration camps.

In at least one place, Jesus is pictured telling the crowd that they do what he wants when they feed the poor, shelter the homeless and show kindness to the downtrodden. Yet, American Evangelicals are supporter the man who puts kids in cages, and wants to destroy efforts to provide care for the poor by destroying Obamacare, rather than improving it.

Then there is the phrase that includes “walk humbly with God” and they support a man who has no humility, and is the essence of both pride, arrogance and the willingness to abuse others to his hearts content. And yes so called “evangelical christians” have no problem with any of that. In fact many of them go so far as to assert that “God put him in the White House”. I have news for them. Human stupidity and ignoring decency and any mode of kindness put the man in the White House. That was entire the fault of a sick side of humanity, not God.

But a few worry because he used the word “hell” or combined “God” and “damn” in the same phrase. Really, THAT’S all you people see?!!! How blind can you be?

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