Scouted: I Knew Natural Deodorant Is Healthier Than the Commercial Stuff. But It Actually Worked Better, Too.

After I shared some of the top-rated and best-selling natural deodorants out there, Schmidt’s Naturals sent me a care package. So I naturally replaced my mainstream deodorant (not antiperspirant) and started swiping. While I expected better ingredients for my skin, I didn’t expect the deodorant to perform quite as well as the commercial stuff. After all, it’s natural and prone to some less-than-manufactured hazards. To my surprise, it performed better. 

My favorite of the options I got was the top-rated Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant, which Schmidt’s boasts is enhanced with minerals. It goes on thick so you really just need one or two swipes per pit (which is much less than I can say for the commercial stuff). I normally use deodorant in the morning after showering and by evening need a second application (which, if I don’t wash beforehand, might or might not result in some slightly irritated skin). With Schmidt’s, though, the scent stayed with me through the following morning. Again, this surprised me. I just didn’t expect it to work that well. That it did, though, shot it up to the top my deodorant options—along with its fellow scents: Bergamot and Lime and Jasmine Tea (there are many more on Amazon, too). On the first day, I did notice that, unlike commercial deodorant, the natural stuff left a barely visible stain on a white shirt I have. I read up on it and immediately realized I was overapplying and once I stopped, so did the stains. For a natural barrier against stench and bacteria, I highly recommend you try out Schmidt’s (or at least something natural) and finding it on Amazon means there’s virtually no risk since you can easily return it if you hate it. | Get it on Amazon > 


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