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White House reporter Jim Acosta basically calls Trump supporters ‘idiots.’ It’s been my experience this is pretty much true. At least they fit the definition of insanity: “Doing the same things over and over and always expected different results.”

Different animal species have instincts which compel them to do certain things — and thank heaven for most of that. Could you imagine a herd of elephants moving south for the winter?

But different species have common characteristics? Those marks, behaviors or physical attributes which separates an elephant from a woodpecker?

Are Trump supporters like that?

I sent the question to Natalie Hunt:

Here is her response:

I try not to generalize about groups of people as a rule — but there are common traits I’ve noticed that all Trump supporters I’ve met share. This is not an exhaustive list and only reflects the people I’ve personally met.

  • Lack of curiosity about the world — everything is black and white and they are not interested in examining their own biases or listening to other perspectives.
  • They love to hear themselves talk — hate listening to others, especially those who disagree with them — they tend to be quite arrogant
  • They all have a simmering resentment underneath their outer veneer — it’s noticeable in the tension they bring into any room they enter. They love to criticize others — but can’t take much criticism themselves.
  • they dislike intellectual types — I’ve heard a lot of disparaging of the educated — they lump everyone into a big box
  • Bigotry — goes without saying — whether they are aware of it or not — they are bigoted and they show it in big ways and small.
  • They love to ‘own the libtards’ — it’s a game to them — they enjoy seeing people suffer — even once I started ignoring some of them, they still tried to ‘own’ me in various ways. When you are old enough to be my grandfather — this behavior is pretty immature.
  • Lack of empathy — this should probably be the first point. Kids in cages are not that interesting to them — again they like to see people suffer — especially those they view as inferior — and they view everyone not in their cult as inferior. They don’t feel compassion or empathy — not sure they are capable of it.
  • They are incapable of real introspection, I’ve never yet met one who could admit to being wrong on anything.

Overall the way they come across to others is not good. The one who works with me gets tons of customer complaints. He is a technician who goes to people’s homes — I field calls all day from people who can’t stand his manners. Inevitably he comes back to the office to complain about how terrible all the customers are — it’s never his fault that things go wrong — it’s always someone else’s. The one I’m related to is currently running for local office as a republican. He has no knowledge of history — or facts. He once told me that he didn’t go to college because he had dyslexia and that his I.Q. is 160. He loves to be flashy, expensive car, home, clothes and credit card debt that’s endless. All show and no substance. Tried to argue economics with my husband who has a degree in finance, and when inevitably he lost, refused to accept being wrong.

The religious one I know wrote a long letter to my husband and me which he gave to us on our wedding day. The letter was all about salvation and accepting Jesus into our lives. This same man lost a son and now spends his time on Instagram posting things about building that wall and wearing maga caps while holding his other children. He lost a child and has 0 empathy for the families of children who died in immigration custody. I wonder if I should tell him that I was a child refugee — not sure he’d believe me because I’m white.

Overall they don’t come across as intelligent — not even close. They come across as people desperately trying to prove to others that they are better than they are. So yeah I look down on them — they’ve given me no reason not to.

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