The establishment negging of Sanders just shows how little they care about the climate emergency

The establishment negging of Sanders just shows how little they care about the climate emergency

The past few days has seen the media go out of their way to undermine the Sanders campaign with multiple manufactured tempests in a teapot. They keep going after the campaign for fair criticisms about media bias, a bias that they blatantly demonstrated with Brian Williams retweet of @thehorsewhisper on Twitter.

While the establishment drones on MSNBC, at the Washington Post, and the Center for American Progress go all in on trying to destroy the most progressive presidential campaign in recent American history, they willfully ignore the climate emergency that is quickening around us, all over the world. And in my opinion, that is by design.

The DNC has patently refused to have a debate focused on climate change for all the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, most likely, because it would threaten their corporate and billionaire donors who actually set the policy priorities for the party. These same donors fund the elections and re-elections of centrist and right-wing Democrats to protect their ability to rake in growing profits at the expense of workers and the planet.

The fact is that climate change is accelerating in shocking ways. And climate change isn’t the only environmental catastrophe threatening mass extinction, possibly including human extinction. And this human extinction could occur within a handful of generations, especially as the time left to stop it and mitigate the destruction of the modern world is quickly passing by. And all the while, the putative “liberal” leaders and thought leaders in the most powerful country are busy being schoolyard bullies and gossip mongers instead of actually trying to lead the country and the world.

This kind of nonsense and bullshit is why I joined Extinction Rebellion. We, as regular people, have a moral obligation to try and minimize the fallout from the climate emergency while eliminating those parts of industrial civilization that have only accelerated us to the edge of apocalypse.

At this point, the malignancy of the political and media classes forces us, as citizens and people to openly rebel, non violently, to do what is necessary to stop the capitalist death machine that is killing the hope for any kind of livable future for most life on the planet. We need to join together and build a mass movement to force our so-called leaders to do what is necessary for all of us instead of doing what they are now, which is protecting the profit streams for sociopathic and psychopathic corporations who view polluting the planet in myriads of ways as not their problem.

Extinction Rebellion has been successful in the UK in getting parliament and other levels of government to declare a climate emergency and plans in October to shut London down again, indefinitely, to force these same governments to cede substantial power to Citizen’s Assemblies that can address these existential threats free from influence of corporations and money. And now, the rebellion is international in scope. There are many groups in cities across the US and the world, and I ask you all to find them in your area and to join them and be active in doing what we can to shut down those parts of the economy that are the lifeblood of this toxic system quickly killing us all.

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