If society benefits by killing the sick and elderly, would evolutionary morality classify it as a “good”?


Human beings have evolved to be a cooperative species. Humans also have attachment to other people, regardless of their age or health. We are creatures designed to love. This is just as biological as the ability to walk. Society would not benefit because it would cause a generalized devaluing of life that would have antisocial effects which would reverberate throughout the society, causing demoralization and despair in many. This would result in a lower level of evolutionary fitness for the group, which would be negative.

Martin Jones’s answer to Why do some people think that hunter-gatherers were “primitive communists”? What is the evidence?

Instead of citizens, it produces consumers. Instead of communities, it produces shopping malls. The net result is an atomized society of disengaged individuals who feel demoralized and socially powerless.

— Robert W. McChesney

No surprise that in capitalist societies all things are objectified, commodified, and stripped of anything sacred. If someone cannot be economically viable we build for profit prisons and toss them in so they can be prison slave labor, which is permitted by the 13th Amendment.[1] Since college is so expensive working class kids must become gun fodder for the imperial empire, required to kill upon command just to afford college. For those that don’t they can look forward to $30k+ in debt when they are just getting started in life. The percentage of the population in prison in the U.S. is the same as that of the Gulag during its peak period.

Neoliberalism has also been associated with the increase in mass shootings, as human life becomes increasingly devalued.[2]

This Theorist Believes That Capitalism Creates Mass Murderers by Causing People to ‘Malfunction’

“I saw the agony of capitalism and dismantling of social civilisation from a very peculiar point of view: crime and suicide”. For Berardi, the mass murderer is not an aberration or a monster, but a character directly produced by a system which coerces us all to be constantly productive and competitive.[3]

Capitalism by its nature cannot help but turn market transactions and confuse them with social relations, thus causing us to ask “should we get rid of the sick, the old, and the non-economically viable since they are costly to maintain and cannot economically produce anything?” The the logic of capitalism the answer is “yes,” drop them into the sausage grinder to make way for the young and healthy. Nevermind that they are human beings, and their lives are priceless. They are creatures made in the image of God.

No surprise in the current neoliberal world the only true saints left are the Marxists.


[1] U.S. prisons and the struggle against slave labor

[2] Neoliberalism, Economic Radicalism, and the Normalization of Violence

[3] This Theorist Believes That Capitalism Creates Mass Murderers by Causing People to ‘Malfunction’

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