Trump campaign launches effort to win back suburban white women

The Trump campaign is launching its big push to woo suburban white women back for 2020 after the 2018 vote and numerous polls showed Donald Trump in trouble with that key group. Mind you, the push to get suburban women doesn’t include any radical moves like taking action to prevent gun violence. No, the Trump campaign is holding more than a dozen Women for Trump events at which Trump’s lady surrogates will teach suburban women how to stay on message for Trump, the message being that the economy is great for everyone and for women in particular.

Women in Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, and Georgia will benefit from the wisdom of people like former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, former Fox News host and current Don Jr. girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, Katrina Pierson and Kayleigh McEnany from the Trump campaign, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, and so on. One event host, campaign staffer and former Apprentice contestant Tana Goertz, previewed her message: “I’m just going to be very direct with people: It’s a complete scam, a hoax, that we’re going into recession.” A message that will no doubt hold up super well if the U.S. does go into recession.

This is a serious organizing effort by a campaign with a ton of money, though. The campaign claims that 2,000 women will attend, learning to become messengers for Trump in their families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Trump has a lot of ground to make up, and the refusal to budget on issues that matter to people isn’t going to help, but this campaign cannot be written off.

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