Trump Is Trending On Twitter And Not In A Good Way

How self-obsessed and narcissistic do you have to be to call yourself “the Second Coming of God?” Well, that’s exactly what the president of the United States of America did on Wednesday morning.

President Donald Trump appeared even more unhinged by posting tweets calling him “the second coming of God,” and the “King of Israel.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump also told reporters in the White House lawn that he is “the chosen one.”

Obviously, this has had a negative effect on his image. And the latest Twitter trend is proving that.

It’s not a surprise that #25thAmendmentNow is the top trending topic on Twitter right now, and has been for hours.

As many of you may know, the 25th Amendment provides the pathway for the Vice President to declare the President of the United States unfit to continue serving. And a person who thinks they are God is certainly someone who is unfit to be in office.

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