Ro Khanna: ‘Americans Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief With Bolton Gone’

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump campaigned on rejecting the long-standing interventionist foreign policy that led us into trillion-dollar wars in the Middle East. He promised to withdraw us from endless conflicts and prevent our entanglement in new ones. Despite this promise, he appointed John Bolton to be his national security advisor. Bolton contradicted Trump’s campaign promises to end wars and has, over the course of his career, done more damage to American foreign policy than almost any other American in the 21st century. 

Bolton’s record of blunders is long. While serving as a top diplomat in the Bush Administration, he peddled falsehoods about Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction and was the loudest cheerleader for the Iraq war. During this same period, he pushed to include North Korea in the “Axis of Evil” and tore up President Clinton’s nuclear deal that ended their plutonium development.

As if the catastrophe he orchestrated in Iraq wasn’t enough, Bolton made repeated calls to bomb Iran over the last decade. He joined the Trump Administration to make good on his Iran vendetta. After a month of Bolton serving as national security advisor, Trump withdrew from the Iran Deal. Four months ago, Bolton announced the deployment of USS Lincoln and Air Force bombers to the Gulf, increasing the chance of war.

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