Samantha Bee Proves the Electoral College Is Garbage and Has to Go


When President Donald Trump does something the majority of the country doesn’t like, Samantha Bee said their first thought is typically, “Why the hell did we choose this vindictive toddler?” But then she likes to remind herself that “we didn’t.”

With that, the Full Frontal host set off on a thorough takedown of the Electoral College, which handed Trump the presidency even though he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by millions of votes. “It was the first time a college accepted Donald without his daddy’s connections,” she joked.

Trump’s so-called election is just one of the many reasons the Electoral College sucks and should be abolished,” Bee declared to cheers from her audience. “Why did our country’s founders stick us with the Electoral College instead of something that actually makes sense?” she asked later. “I mean, partly it was because they were a bunch of elitist pricks who thought the average person was too dumb to elect a leader, which, OK, isn’t that far from the truth.”

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