As An Introspective Writer Who Was Previously Disengaged From Politics, Here’s Why I Support Andrew Yang

I am a woman, a Millennial, an entrepreneurial-minded writer, a poet, an Asian-American, a college graduate with a math degree, an engineering drop-out, and a middle-class person. Throughout my life, I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and hypervigilance and continue to suffer from mental health issues — and I still grapple with these today. With the help of the Political Compass Test, I identify as a fiscal conservative and social libertarian, but I have been mostly apolitical and disengaged from politics because as someone who’s determined to take control over my own life, I could never see how arguing over politics with stubborn ideologues would ever help me advance myself or be practical with personal development.

I am passionate about writing introspective essays that delve into mental health, self-awareness, and creating a life that best aligns with who you innately are so you have the choice to thrive instead of being dictated on how you should survive. I also write listicles because I’ve always been an obsessive list-maker since I was a child and articles in a listicle format are a great way for my brain to compartmentalize practical yet insightful points in a manner that would enhance the way I think and maximize the efficiency of how I approach life.

As a writer who realizes that not everyone has enough privilege to focus on personal growth (due to how cutthroat and demanding survival can be), I support Yang because I believe that all people, no matter where they started out, ought to have a chance to pursue what they’re naturally good at and passionate about without being plagued by financial insecurity or penalized by setbacks and disasters that they had no control over or could have prevented in any way.

I believe that all people have intrinsic value, which should be defined by themselves rather than by institutions. Therefore, it is up to humanity to determine what will add value to their own lives and the lives of others in a way that isn’t forced upon them.

I am a pessimistic optimist. I see how horrifyingly bleak the socioeconomic situation is for the vast majority of people because of how scarce jobs are, how many jobs are automated away, and how difficult it is to endure day-to-day life when you hate your job but you are completely swamped with bills and also the people above you on a hierarchy (an outdated model prone to corruption and exploitation) are blaming you for not working hard enough, no matter how much you are obligated to work with just three hours of sleep while taking care of your family — and with that much stealing your energy and livelihood away from you, how can you ever hope to survive, live in good health, and ensure a safer, healthier, and more peaceful future for yourself and the next generation?

You can’t. And those who claim that you aren’t doing enough haven’t lived as you have and don’t understand at all what the majority has to put up with or how much they have to struggle and still can’t get ahead even with their earnest efforts.

Survival shouldn’t just be reserved for the privileged

As an idealistic optimist, I do not want essential human needs like livelihood or security to be reserved for the privileged few who are more likely to survive national catastrophes.

I believe that all people deserve an efficient and unconditional means of basic survival that doesn’t depend on serving institutions or corporate interests and it is entirely possible for the government to allocate what it would have spent wastefully towards a Freedom Dividend to place into the hands of the American people — and they can decide for themselves how they want to proceed in life without any paternalistic and incredibly wasteful bureaucracy to dictate what they must do with it under their conditions.

I used to think that politics didn’t matter as long as I kept my head up and did the best I could with my education and skills (yet I realize how this is a wrongful and ignorant mindset that comes with middle-class privilege), and Yang influenced me to acknowledge how there are so many people who never get a chance to grow up in safety or pursue a lifetime of self-actualization because they got pushed by the wayside and have to be forced into survivalist mode with a scarcity mindset (which then depletes mental energy that could have been allocated towards long-term planning and self-awareness), since the market doesn’t value them as much as someone who grew up in a higher socioeconomic class.

Peace of mind and mental health

An unconditional safety net will alleviate my mental health issues so that I would have less of a need to worry about losing everything I have due to corruption, emergencies, and basically any other catastrophe that I cannot prevent — yet I know I’d be penalized if I were to be in a difficult situation regardless of how much I prepare for it.

I struggle with depression, anxiety, and hypervigilance, which are still not taken seriously enough by career politicians and corporatists because people right now are treated like replaceable (and ultimately worthless) cogs in a machine and it will remain that way until a pragmatic visionary steps up and reforms the economy by establishing humanity-centered capitalism — I believe wholeheartedly, based on his solutions-oriented mindset, that Yang is the only candidate whose motive is to help people liberate themselves instead of remaining stuck as a wage slave being used (or worse, exploited) as a means to an end, which the status quo demands right now (yet that is a 20th-century way of living that will not sustain itself in the 21st and 22nd centuries).

Social Darwinism is society’s greatest evil and no wonder most can’t plan for long-term survival

I do not believe in Social Darwinism. Our current society is a dystopian nightmare and the only ones benefiting from it are the corporatists and those who promote Tribalist stances to control the masses and limit their power, which then makes populations weaker and less likely to prioritize self-advancement. For our country to flourish and truly be a safe and healthy place that fosters everyone’s growth and wellbeing, it’s important for underprivileged and marginalized people not to be penalized or screwed over just for something they cannot control (where they were born, who their parents were, what educational level they have attained, which neighborhood they grew up in).

It is unreasonable and downright classist to demand that they rise to the same level as someone who grew up privileged to prove their worth because the playing field isn’t level and the whole game is rigged and in favor of those who started out with more.

The Freedom Dividend doesn’t just provide cash, it serves as a means for people to move themselves forward, starting at $1,000 instead of $0 because it is unjust to expect someone to win a game while starting at $0 (there may have been exceptions with popular rags-to-riches stories, but they are all based on survivorship bias while glossing over the harsh reality for the majority).

Yang is the only candidate who is genuine, refreshingly different, and compassionate and it is incredibly clear that he cares about not leaving anyone behind. His campaign has attracted many genuinely empathic and forward-thinking people who believe that the way forward is to lift every American up and maximize the efficiency of our broken system run by corporatists who only serve themselves and exploit those they deem as less valuable and less worthy to survive.

As someone who’s moderately skeptical, I would say that I normally have no business in politics and if the presidential race were full of candidates who stubbornly promote their ideologies and bring more division than unity without presenting clear solutions to dire problems, I would not want to get involved and if that were the case, it’d be best to live my own life and still remain politically disengaged.

But when a promising, data-driven candidate enters the race and brings logical reasoning, empathy, and efficiency to the forefront of his campaign, I know that supporting him and showing how much he stands out from 20th-century Tribalist politicians will benefit not only me but every American who has an effective and unifying plan to move this country forward, from here on out.

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