McConnell chooses Trump over the Constitution

Moscow Mitch McConnell is toeing Donald Trump‘s line Wednesday morning in the constitutional crisis Trump has created by refusing all cooperation with the House impeachment inquiry. Never mind that Trump‘s refusal has absolutely no constitutional basis.

It’s good enough for McConnell, though. He tweeted Trumpisms. “Overturning the results of an American election requires the highest level of fairness and due process, as it strikes at the core of our democratic process,” he said. He continued: “So far, the House has fallen far short by failing to follow the same basic procedures that it has followed for every other President in our history.”

The Constitution gives the House “the sole Power of Impeachment,” and the power to determine how it proceeds with the process. Period. A supposed great institutionalist like McConnell knows that very well. The majority leader of the Senate has just chosen to subvert the power of Congress to the executive. He could not make it more clear that he is putting party over country.

Let’s show him the will of the people. Please give $1 to our nominee fund to help Democrats and end McConnell’s career as majority leader.

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