The Masked Whistleblower. – Karim Wadjih

President Donald Trump says that “like every American,” he deserves to meet his accuser (“the so-called ‘Whistleblower’ “) from the intelligence community. Compared with his earlier statement calling the anonymous whistleblower “almost a spy” and making a thinly veiled reference to execution, the president’s most recent request seems tame — almost reasonable. The President is attempting to disregard The Whistleblower Protection Act. Even after the fact of his own handpicked Director of intelligence who claims the report from the whistleblower is highly ‘credible’.

Trump in a meeting with donors and WH officials said “I want to know who’s the person who’s the person who gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s close to a spy,” Trump declared, according to the Los Angeles Times. “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.” I gave a glimpse of what Donald Trump said at the start of this article, but I offered the full transcript of what he said during that donor meeting to inform everyone reading this. A whistleblower has put the American people 1st and President 2nd. This is not Watergate 2.0. This is bigger than a President abusing his office powers.

Ever since House Speaker Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Donald has been acting to the extreme. From claiming this whole process is a scam from the Democrats, to threatening the whistleblower and to claiming that Schiff who is most likely to be the face of the process to the inquiry. Subpoenas are being handed out literally like candy to everyone from the WH, Capital Hill, Associates, and Aides. This is not like the Russian investigation from the 2016 election when Trump was a candidate. This could get worse for him as there is proof of him abusing his office powers to gain financial and political gain. Former whistleblowers are coming out and telling their story and how it fits perfectly into today’s story, from the Nixon era to the Clinton Era. Trump even hired a high profile lawyer who investigated Hillary Clinton’s email servers and the 2012 Benghazi attacks. There are even sources in the White House that seem confused about who is running the impeachment defense, that is not a good sign if Trump is scrambling to build a dream team to take on if impeachment does ever happen.

From the White House confirming they will not be cooperating in the impeachment inquiry further builds a case of abuse of power, as Trump is proving he thinks he is above the law. From the State Department blocking officials from depositions to Trump televising his own conviction for impeachment. This is an extraordinary case that will go down as history whether the President gets removed from office. The question for Democrats and Republicans is which side of history do they want to be on? The ones that fought for the people or the ones that sought foreign help to gain political advantage for an election? As the weeks pass by and the polls gain momentum in the impeachment inquiry, this is the first time Trump can’t control nor contain the narrative that is being played out. That is triggering him to become more unstable. From calling Republicans at least three times a day to test loyalty, to attempting to use polygraphs for WH staffers and last, leaving allies in the dark for financial gain with a non-democratic country; Turkey. The President has lashed out to everyone who undermines him and people are picking sides.

There is a second whistleblower who has ‘first-hand knowledge’ of the President’s wrongdoing. This could be big and could undercut everything Trump is building for the impeachment inquiry. It is ironic that Trump does not believe the inquiry is serious but is building his case slowly and getting an All-Star legal team to defend him. We know little from the second whistleblower, but we can expect a smoking gun. The one that might finally bring the White House down. The President has claimed the phone call which the Ukraine President was perfect and there was no quid pro quo, however from the transcript released from the WH, memos, and leaks all coming at a high rate, it all backs up the initial whistleblower complaint.

As more news breaks out for this entire scandal, we have to sit back and see if the House will formally call on a vote to impeach Trump and try him in the Senate. The American people have clarified that no person is above the law and the Constitution.

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