Calls for House Floor Vote Is a Trap – Malika Dickerson

I worry about the gullibility and weakness of the Democrats to manage the impeachment issue with strength and I’m not the only one. There are multiple reasons that a floor vote to “officially” start the impeachment is not necessary. Namely, as Pelosi said, we’re not going to take direction from the White House about how they should be investigated.

But I have also heard some in the Democratic party and in the media asking why not. It is a trap the Republicans are trying to lay so that they can push a message that the impeachment inquiry is partisan. If there was a floor vote today, chances are it would be all Democrats voting for it and all Republicans voting against it.

Of course, the votes for are in the majority and impeachment would “officially” begin. But what Republicans in the House want to do is use that vote as evidence that the impeachment is partisan. They would argue at every outlet that only Democrats want impeachment for partisan reasons despite the facts.

The White House saying that they won’t comply unless there is a floor vote is just them trying to goad Democrats into playing into their messaging trap. So far Democrats have resisted for the wrong reasons — afraid of forcing yellow dog, er, blue dog democrats in Republican districts to take a stand one way or the other. But I have yet to hear anyone point out the Republican and White House strategy at play in calling for a floor vote.

Now you know — don’t fall for the trap!

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