Can we please stop being shocked when athletes demonstrate their ignorance and/or greed?

Lebron James. A name that for many means greatness on the court and, in apparently only instances that don’t affect his overpaid pocketbook, in the social arena, recently demonstrated that he is either as behind the bell curve as most coddled athletes, or, he is simply as greedy as those individuals who are fortunate enough to have both the talent and opportunity that allows them to play adolescent games for a living, while also being adored by millions of people because of said privilege.

Now, to be fair, I’m not a fan of the last twenty years or so of the NBA, as Charles Barkley has said on many occasions since he retired as the round mound of rebound “ the NBA is as bad as it’s ever been right now”.

I couldn’t agree more Chuck!

As I remember fondly, somewhat within that twenty year time frame, the days of Jordan, not necessarily the Norma Rae of the NBA by any means, verses the Suns or Jazz. Or Reggie verses the Knicks. Or of course, the Bulls verses the Knicks. And that to me wasn’t remotely the glory years of the NBA. But it was certainly many levels above anything we’ve seen in the past, again, somewhat twenty years or so.

Nope. That all to ridiculous discussion, as most G.O.A.T discussions are, begins and ends with the eighties. When I, as a teenager who lived, loved and lusted, yes lusted, basketball, got to watch Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, with a great deal of help from some of the best starting fives, and benches, ever assembled, go head to head seemingly every weekend, as well as, again, seemingly, every post season.

During that time period, one rightly vilified as a decade of greed and avarice, thanks to Bonzo’s bedtime buddy, and a large contingency of the population willing to sell their souls for the privilege of carrying around a giant brick of a cell phone to demonstrate said soul selling, I also got to watch teams like the Spurs with George the Iceman Gervin, or the Bucks with Sidney Moncrief and company.

And of course, last but certainly not least, the 76ers and the most electrifying player to ever lace up his leather Converse high tops, I had several pair during my time as a wannabe NBA’er, Doctor! Julius! Eeeerving! A man who knew what it meant to be a class act both on and off the court.

Which brings me back to the present, and the comments made by Mr. James. A man who seems to get it right in most circumstances, but really seemed incredibly tone deaf, or greedy and stupid for those who prefer plain talk, with his comments regarding the Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey and the Hong Kong protests.

In short, people demonstrating and putting their lives on the line for the freedoms “King James” seems to think should be avoided, like apparently everyone else in the NBA except Morey, when it might affect jersey sales that is.

Or the delusional idea that, without actual free speech and free trade, China is part of the future of the NBA. Ingrained and lucrative for those in power communism anyone? How about ingrained and lucrative capitalism anyone on the other side of the Pacific? Neither are going to be held as accountable as they should be any time soon folks.

And no, not the Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren so called “communism”, for those of you who see communism around every Democratic corner, except when farmers take money because of an idiotic trade war that is. But the kind of communism that helps us educate all our children, not just those Betsy Devos deems to be blessed enough to educate privately with public funds, and/or drive to and from our hypocritical jobs on Wall Street and beyond, among other facets of our hypocritical, so called, society.

As well as numerous other facets of American life that so many of us take for granted, because we don’t have a dictator in the White House, just a wannabe dictator too amazingly ignorant and greedy to pull off even the most basic of speeches, or policy decision for that matter. Syria anyone?

So, please, everyone who is in an uproar that your hero has somehow let you down. Or those who just don’t think you can look at James or the NBA in the same light. What the flippin hell too you so long?

Athletes are not hero’s. Or, for the most part, role models. Once again in agreement with Chuck. No, not even those I view as very significant parts of my childhood. They are a distraction.

A group of overpaid overhyped juveniles who, there are many examples out there, look them up for your damn self, only truly care about one thing. Ok, maybe two things. Their pocketbooks. I really wish there was a better word, but I digress, or, if Trump and anyone in his cabinet are reading, I digest.

And/or the adoration they get from people who simply need something for which to cheer, because their lives are not nearly as glamorous and lucrative as their false prophets. Two facets of life, glamour and greed, not worth your worship, nor necessary for a happy and healthy life lived. Trust me, I have none of the former, and very little of the latter, and I, even with all the hiccups in my less than optimal life, am doing just fine. No, really, I am. Seriously. No, seriously! Ranting is a very cathartic facet of who I am. Or who I be. Or be I who. Anyway.

The rest of the NBA’s initial silence about this issue is my proof. As is the China pandering by the very same group of cowards.

Oh, and if you must admire and adore an athlete, another return to the eighties is necessary here, why not someone who truly exhibits both the fortitude and presence we all need in a role model. A man who consistently stands up for people like those in Hong Kong. Senior Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Oh no, that sounds like a Muslim name? And with a Hispanic word before it? Border wall! Invasion! Caravan!

Heh, heh, heh.

Stay on the correct, not necessarily politically correct side of things folks. You won’t regret it, usually.

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