Warren lays out the path to beat Trump (hint: it’s not running to the middle)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the front runner tonight at the Democratic Primary Debate in Ohio. That is apparent as she has been confronted by most of the candidates on the stage. It isn’t a surprise as the top polling candidate has the most attention on them, and if you want to try and get into the conversation you go after the front runner. But Sen. Warren has a card up her sleeve: the reason she’s the front runner is that her progressive ideas appeal to more people than older more centrist ideas. That’s just a fact. Her ideas aren’t that wild to begin with, as many far more left-leaning people will tell you (just ask in the comments). But the one part centrist, one part sexist, refrain that Sen. Warren cannot win or get things done is a lot of hooey. Sen. Warren decided to hit back at everyone by using CNN’s question about age and whether or not Warren, Bernie, and Biden are too old.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: I say I will outwork, out-organize, and outlast anyone, and that includes Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or whoever the republicans get stuck with.


SEN. WARREN: Look, the way I see this, the way we’re going to win, is by addressing head-on what millions of Americans know in their bones, and that is that the wealthy and the well connected have captured our democracy, and they’re making it work for themselves and leaving everyone else behind. And political pundits and Washington insiders and, shoot, people in our own party don’t want to admit that. They think that running some kind of vague campaign that nibbles around the edges of big problems in this country is a winning strategy.

They are wrong.

If all democrats can promise is after Donald Trump, it will be business as usual, then we will lose. Democrats win when we call out what’s broken and we show how to fix it. Democrats will win when we fight for the things that touch people’s lives, things like child care and health care and housing costs. Democrats will win when we give people a reason to get in the fight.

Amen to that.


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