What would the world come to if the internet were to suddenly disappear?

Have you ever thought about what the world would come to if the internet were to suddenly disappear?

Who would we become?

How would we cope without it?

Would we be more at peace?

There are times where I think about how much the internet has contributed to my personal relationships, my overall knowledge and its added convenience in today’s world. Without the internet, we are left with no outlet to navigate our curiosities and release our deepest thoughts. We are left without a supercomputer to answer all of our questions in a timely manner. We have no way of conveniently communicating with loved ones, business partners, even strangers. Therefore, what are we left with?

I decided to leave it up to my Instagram followers to speculate on what they think the world would come to if the internet were to suddenly disappear. There were some interesting answers that followed:

“An understanding of life and love.”

“It would cause literal wars over information; however, it wouldn’t last for too long.”

“Libraries would be packed.”

“People would go outside more and look for friends on the street”


“Having something so valuable to you being taken away can cause chaos. We’re used to getting our questions solved in less than a minute or two and not having that resource at first would be chaotic. Crime would decrease in my opinion. Less illegal sales of items, videos or services.”

“An End”

“I’d get a lot more mail in my mailbox.”

“There will be less funny dog videos.”

“The world would revert back to a period where mass media and news was not widely available. Crime would skyrocket since everything from security cameras and home security systems depend on internet to relay information. The mentality of “whole planet being united” would diminish because we’d no longer really have that connection (literally) to the rest of the world. I think….”

“Back to world wars.”

“Less issues, more face to face talking.”

“More real…”


“1984, George Orwell.”

“Heaven on earth, for real.”

From the answers gathered here, it’s safe to say that opinions and feelings on the end of the internet are pretty mixed. Will it cause chaos? For how long? Would crime increase or decrease? Eventually, will it be blissful? More real? At this point, it can only be a question yet to be tested. In all honesty, I’m surprised more people didn’t mention how it would affect surveillance on society or ‘being watched’ — even brainwashing. This is a more intricate topic that deserves its own article, but for those who are interested, try checking out 1984 by George Orwell, a book that someone mentioned on Instagram which is about totalitarianism. Essentially, what the internet is today.

Long story short, be prepared for anything. It’s important to understand how to live on our own. Learn how to fend for yourselves, without relying on people (or the internet) to do it for you. Develop real life skills. Be present.

One day it may happen; the internet will disappear, and who knows what’s to come.

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