Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) “Throuple” Investigation

Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., spoke out Tuesday amid claims she was having an affair and was taking part in an arranged “throuple,” or a three-person couple, with her estranged husband and a former female staffer, Morgan Desjardins.

Last week, RedState reported that Katie Hill, who is openly bisexual, had developed a “long-term sexual relationship” with Morgan Desjardins, a staffer from her congressional campaign, who ultimately entered into the “throuple” with Hill’s husband, Kenny Heslep — who later filed for divorce. The three of them, according to RedState’s confidential sources, had taken multiple vacations together.

The conservative blog obtained screenshots of several text messages between Hill and the staffer detailing the reported end of their three-person relationship earlier this year as well as intimate pictures including a nude photo of Hill. According to the alleged texts, Hill wanted to focus on her work and suggested that “political risk” was a factor.

RedState also reported that Hill had an extramarital affair with Graham Kelly, her legislative director and former campaign-finance director, for at least a year. Heslep was said to have shared his own screenshot of a text exchange he had with a friend who had heard about the affair, which he later deleted from his Facebook account. According to RedState, the alleged affair was why Heslep filed for divorce.

According to the text messages reviewed, after Hill left the throuple Heslep was told “by numerous sources” that Hill had been involved in a sexual relationship for a year with her then-finance director, now Legislative Director, Graham Kelly.

A review of FEC records for Hill’s 2018 and 2020 campaigns reveals that Morgan Desjardins was first paid in November 2017, with her payment classified as “salary,” making her an employee.

California law doesn’t expressly prohibit consensual sexual relationships between an employer and a direct report, but it’s certainly a murky legal and ethical area. Some legal pundits contend that an employee can’t truly consent to a sexual relationship with the person who signs their paycheck.

Morgan Desjardins, Rep. Hill, now Legislative Director, Graham Kelly, and her then husband, Kenny Heslep, were featured in a four part documentary on VICE, chronicling Hill’s rise to power:

The documentary dubbed her campaign the most “millennial campaign ever” and showed her spending lots of time with her young staffers.

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