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A Poll Troll © Robert Thibadeau, 2005, I think Vancouver

The Truth of Truth and Lies in Polls

The science of lies is a cognitive science. As is the science of truth. The fundamental problems with both Polls is that they are fiat questions asking for fiat answers, and the polling process cannot tolerate the essential dialogue required to solve the problems. The human brain does not work correctly with fiat assertions, whether they are questions or answers or, for that matter, any sentence or story in isolation from person-to-person dialogue to align understanding.

The results of denying science leads to myriad misunderstandings and misbeliefs, and a whole lot of lies.

Here is the science. It says any sentence (communication episode) can be a lie. Any sentence can also be the truth. Our memory is of episodes and our memory is the only basis we have for determining truth and lies. Every human being interprets every sentence differently because no two humans have the same episodic memories. The result we experience when we cannot dialogue person to person to align our understanding is …

George Washington (and the Founders after developing the U.S.A.) recognized this human truth alignment necessity perfectly. They required a system that enforced open and public moderated person-to-person dialogue precisely to turn fiat lies and fiat truth into real lies and real truth.

Courts also enforce open and public moderated person-to-person dialogue to figure out fiat lies and turn them into folk, or conversational, lies.

Here is what we must have for the Internet to resolve polls into sense. We must have an Internet Court of Lies to resolve suspected lies of commission or omission. Here is how that Internet Court of Lies will work.

The cognitive science can be understood by anybody and confirmed by anybody. I make the full case in my short book on the Internet Court of Lies on Amazon in Kindle, Audible, and Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/How-Get-Your-Lies-Back/dp/B07R448S2L/

I welcome moderated public and open dialogue on these assertions which I do not believe are lies and are the truth that God, who does not lie, saddled for us.

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