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It is an application of Ockham’s Razor. Stated simply: the simplest explanation which fits all the facts is probably the correct one. So here it is: Does Donald Trump’s tax records contain Presidency-ending information? The answer is Yes.

The American people know he is an unscrupulous business operator. They know he has multiple properties and businesses in the countries with which the United States has a political or military interest. The fact that he paid hush money to prostitutes is common knowledge. Therefore, these items cannot be the cause of his jealous guarding of the content of the tax records.

He claims the IRS has been auditing his tax reports for many months and in possibly years-long investigations. Certainly they would have some inkling into what evidence of criminal activity there is in the documents.

This brings us up to the point where we once again ask the essential question: What is so important to keep hidden from Congressional scrutiny. The matter boils down to what would be considered a crime and what is evidence of corruption but difficult to call a crime. Improper official behavior which rises to the level in impeachable with removal from office may not be provable in a court of law utilizing all the maneuvering and machinations available to a criminal defendant. A President’s behavior around being investigated for improprieties constitutes grounds for removal even in the absence of “proving a crime.”

Receiving massive 100 million dollar business loans from Russian oligarchs is not illegal for a private citizen. Having foreign entities invest in your real estate is again not illegal — for the private citizen. That person’s tax documents would demonstrate the financial relationship but no crime, in and of itself. Therefore, the IRS would have no probable cause to consider prosecution.

Very large investors have a vested interest in how the money is spend and how well the investment is maintained. They want to make sure the borrower is fit and capable of repaying the investment. They may go as far as to pave the way and clear the road ahead for the borrower.

Donald Trump’s biggest misstep was running for and winning the White House. What was legal for private citizen Trump is wholly inappropriate and illegal for President Trump. His indebtedness is a liability and compromise of US interests and national security. Those hidden tax records certainly contain the “embarrassing” material for which his is being extorted now.

The acts of a man who is being blackmailed and thereby manipulated by the extortionist cannot be justified by his desire for the truth to become public. Murdering a blackmailer is still murder and punishable as such.

The end of the Trump Administration will be at the end of a protracted and contentious legal battle. Those tax records which have thus far been kept out of the courts and public view do contain corroboration for the hints and rumors which have circulated for decades about the nature of the Trump empire. Their release will add to the mountain of evidence already amassed against him that he is responding to controls by foreign entities which have the dismantling of America’s influence and power on the world stage.

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