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There is nothing more scared than a capitalist millionaire. The Bolshevick revolution made capitalists around the globe piss themselves. As soon as the news hit the US capitalists then the corrupt propaganda machine went into full effect. One of the major reasons why US citizens could be turned into Soviet spies was ideology. The US was founded by white affluents that cared only about protecting the wealthy despite the rhetoric in the Constitution e.g. all men are created equal BS. By the World War 2 era, the wealthy controlled nearly more than half of the wealth in the country and loads of labor party protests were met with arrests and or genocide. The labor party movement saw the Bolshevick revolution in Russia, and the labor party movement thought the grass was greener there. The Bolshevick revolution created a US propaganda machine entitled the Red Scare. The Red Scare’s propaganda mission was to destroy all sentiments of socialism. This brief essay will describe the Red Scare and the implications for future socialist movements.

Since the US was founded women, children, Native Americans (what was left of them after the greatest genocide not caused by a natural disaster in history), immigrants, blacks, and anyone else not part of the wealthiest were treated as slaves.1 The USSR offered hope in ideology where the US rhetoric miserably failed. When Lenin’s party won for the working class with the Bolshevick revolution win the working class had a new hope. As with all hope and or wishes the slaves sought, the US affluents crushed the dreams of a fair and equal US society.

One of the first actions the scared affluents did was ignite the patriot propaganda machine. In the early 20th century as is today, the patriot propaganda machine is an affluent tool to redistribute blame. Oscar Wilde wrote, “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.”2 And the most vicious ignorant patriots were/are the disenfranchised white supremacists. The scared affluents understood to effectively win a fear campaign the vicious white supremacists must be persuaded the social movements were a threat to the white supremacists way of life. White supremacists were so ignorant the white supremacists did not realize white supremacy is a social movement. The scared affluents were great at convincing the ignorant patriots, everyone else was to blame for the privileges being taken away.

Corporations are in the business of maximizing profits for the shareholders. Executives are first in line to give themselves a piece of the revenue pie. Bond holders are next in line to receive revenue sharing. Then stockholders are the last corporation people to earn funds through dividends and or cooking the books known legally as stock buybacks. Next, a corporation will do capital spending called CAPEX i.e. investing in new factories, tools, equipment, etc. And finally a corporation will hire new people and or pay more to current workers, whatever is cheaper. Corporations do not view the working class, the corporation’s production workforce, as part of the corporation. Hence, the corporate working class are also treated as slaves. If the production workforce, the working class, ever were to do a mass revolution then the affluents would lose everything. The scared millionaires jump started the Red Scare with the patriot propaganda aka white supremacists’ ploy.

The white supremacists were losing jobs en mass. Corporations hire as a last resort, new employees as cheaper labor costs from immigrants and or higher wages for current workers. As is true today as was during the Red Scare, corporations prefer hiring immigrants to complacent and lazy locals. Immigrants were/are far better production workforce personnel at base wages. Corporations exploited the white supremacist job loss solely attributable to immigrants. And as a result, the white supremacists killed and harassed many immigrants when the pain should have been directly at the true, white criminals i.e. the corporations and corrupt elected crony officials.

The patriot propaganda game also works as a divide and conquer strategy. The white supremacists, the white locals, are pitted against everyone else with legitimate privileges like immigrant whites. The rest of the slaves live in desperation also conveniently created by the founding white supremacists. In the early 20th century, the fear mongering campaign called the Red Scare separated faux working class capitalists from honest labor movements asking for the better life the US Constitution’s rhetoric promised.3 The fear mongering campaign with the same branding in the current administration era is directed at the Latin American immigrants to drive a sledgehammer between the southern border white supremacists and immigrants. Again, the immigrants are hired for the base wages with the same skill. If the blame should be passed to any entity then the greedy corporations deserve the full revolution of the production workforce.

The Red Scare chiefly targeted labor movements. The government labeled the labor movements as radicals and or anarchists. Any white citizen speaking out against the government’s propaganda game was labeled as a Red, a socialist.4 For example, Emma Goldman was a women’s rights and free speech advocate. Emma Goldman was arrested then deported being labeled as a socialist.5 There were many such deportations for rebels acting as the Constitution allowed. Semiotics of the day, when the scared white supremacist affluents might lose the workforce produced wealth then the Constitutional privileges allowed, were/are stripped. As the founding white affluents intended, the Constitution only applied to pro-patriotic supporters. Anyone in defiance of affluent behavior and action was labeled as a Red then arrested and or deported. Welcome to scared affluent ‘Merca!

A major espionage action taken by the government followed a major bombing incident blamed on the Reds. The Attorney General appointed J. Hoover to head the general intelligence division (GID), the pre-cursor to the federal bureau of investigation (FBI).6 Hoover’s mission was to infiltrate labor movements. Hoover trained Red spies to join the labor movements. The Red spies then reported the labor movement activities.

From 1919 to 1920, Hoover initiated what became known as the Palmer Raids. The Palmer Raids were propagandized as a counter-intel communist machine designed to silence labor unions and other socialist groups wanting a bigger share of the capitalist’s pie, redistribution of wealth.7 The government as its always has, backs to corporate swine over the needs and wants of the working class. Countless raids and historical genocide are evidence of the corrupt bond between the bribed politicians, corporate overlords, and scared affluents. Sad to read the only major affluent change since the US won independence from the British empire is now, the US government is the bullying empire.

The Red Scare was a scary time for Constitutional privileges and foreboded future events. Every time there is a major terrorist event then the citizens’ Constitutional privileges are further stripped. The 911 terror event produced the Patriot Act, ironical historical name. The Patriot Act allowed the government to forgot the no-spying clause of the Constitution in the name of national security.8 As the Wikileaks’ Snowden files revealed, the US government is engaged in a gross violation of Constitutional privileges as well as illegally spying on allied nations and radical nations.

National security is again code for corporate security. The US government does not enter countries with no strategic resources. The US government has always used the propaganda of human rights as patriotic propaganda to invade vicious monsters. However, not all human rights monsters are equally treated. For example, Uganda’s Joseph Kony has genocided, raped and killed thousands without US intervention. Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of US weapons aka corporate bribes, so the Saudi Arabian human rights disaster area was also swept under the rug. The US government only invades countries that have further refused corporate bribes from monsters like Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi or Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Once the dictators stop accepting allied corporate bribes then the US government and allies invade the “radical” countries to install a puppet government willing to trade human rights for profits.

The funniest example of the US democratic values rhetoric was the coup in Iran, 1953. In the US government, the government operates under a faux democracy controlled by the corporate affluents, multi-national corporations (MNCs). Abroad, the US government is an authoritarian bully. For example, in Iran circa 1953, the prime minister (PM) was democratically elected. The Big Energy MNCs were not happy because the new PM wanted to share the oil profits with Iranian citizens, god forbid ala Alaska sharing oil profits with her state citizens. The Big Energy MNCs asked the MI6 and the CIA to do a joint coup d’etat and install an Iranian puppet monarchy that would exclusively share the oil profits with the US and British Big Energy MNCs. CIA economic hitmen were sent to bribe the PM.9 The PM refused, so the CIA and MI6 jackals removed the PM and installed a puppet monarchy that did accept bribes until the Iranian Revolution in the late 1970s.10 The last step of the economic hitmen program is military action as happened to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein when he stopped sharing Big Energy profits. The US government militarily supports monsters to make MNCs and by extension the politicians portfolios wealthy. It’s laughable to think the US government is anything else than a greedy monster. There are countless historical examples of invasions for the benefit of corporate interests. Iran and Venezuela are the current punching bags for the bullying US government.


The Bolshevick revolution made capitalists so scared of losing the wealth. The capitalists started a propaganda movement known as the first Red Scare. The Red Scare removed privileges for many of the slaves and labeled the slaves as Reds, communists. The Red Scare propaganda movement was responsible for thousands of arrests and hundreds of deportations. The Red Scare created an atmosphere of fear mongering of the working class threat. The Red Scare propaganda machine created a US future to invade countries with working class movements. The Bolshevick revolution created a US propaganda machine entitled the Red Scare. The Red Scare’s propaganda mission targeted many radical movements in foreign countries as well for fear of socialist movements taking over capitalists’ wealth. This brief essay described the Red Scare and the implications for future working class movements.


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