The tragedy of Katie Hill – Chris B.

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She’s being forced by Pelosi to resign due to 1) revenge porn posted about her by a foreign newspaper, likely from her husband who she is currently divorcing and 2) allegedly having an affair with a campaign staffer and maybe an office staffer.

I think most sane people would conclude point 1 should not be held against her — After all, do we want to reward revenge porn?…and from a foreign newspaper?

And nobody would have cared much about point 2 prior to the MeToo movement.

This should give us pause. As the TV show SOUTH PARK has spent the last 2 seasons commenting on, it’s common for a supervisor and an employee to organically develop feelings for each other.

That’s not to say such relationships should be condoned, but SOUTH PARK’s point is that when such mistakes arise the staffers do not deserve the same condemnation as Murderers.

Now, if Katie Hill showed a history of systematically “grooming” male staffers for sex, that’d be a different story. But right now it looks like a woman in a bloody divorce that made a mistake.

Former Head of Government Ethics Walter Shraub:

“I hope the Daily Mail is driven bankrupt for publishing intimate photos of an American politician. It’s an unconscionable invasion of privacy. It is also a disgusting case of foreign interference in our election.”

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