Vindman’s testimony showcases that diplomats appointed by trump are working for trump rather than the Country

If you read right wing media, you will be told that trump is innocent, his people are innocent, and that the House investigation is purely a political ploy. What is a political ploy is trump and his chosen advisors like Sondland. trump has consistently chosen advisors and representative that are will to kowtow to his personal agenda of self-aggrandizement and self promotion, at the expense of the country’s well being.

However, we are fortunate in trump, with his usual arrogance and perhaps more than a smidgeon of stupidity tried to cut a deal with the Ukraine. He seems to have tried to use an investigation against Biden (father and son) as a chip in the bargaining for military support in the Ukraine’s struggle for freedom from influence of Putin and the former communist but now kleptocratic dictatorship of Russia.

The State department with Bolton, Vindman and Fiona Hill were for giving the Ukraine the aid so that they could resist the dictatorial advances by Russia. Per Vindman’s opening statement, Sondland brought up the investigation requirement that trump wanted, but was told that was inappropriate by both Hill and Bolton.

The fact is that Bolton is seen as warlike, and maybe he is. But he is also, at least, pro American interest and the interests of democratically elected governments rather than dictatorships like the ones in China and Russia. It was their opinion the Ukraine was in line with the West and with a little aid could stand against Russia and be our friends and associates.

Sondland, as a politically chosen member of the trump administration, was more interested in adhering to whatever trump wanted done. As we also know, trump has his own interests, and the interests of his rich friends, more in mind than he does the country or the American people. He is even making moves to destroy the civil rights that minorities, including the LGBTQ community (especially the T as in transgendered) has fought so hard to achieve.

We know that because 1. he ruled that transgendered persons can’t serve in the military regardless of how healthy they are, or how able they are to do what military people are supposed to do. 2. his quip about “defining them out of existance” is a blatant attempt to “other” another minority just like he has Hispanics and Muslims and other people trying to escape horrible conditions by taking the United States on its long standing promise to be a “light on a hill” and to help those in need.

What we have now, is a petty hate monger who uses issues and attacks on entire populations to fuel the xenophobia that many, mostly older and uneducated and sheltered people are victim of. The United States is no longer our great grandparents nation, nor should it be. We are a country with people from every national background who have come together from all sorts of traditions, keeping those traditions and making a virtual human version of buffet where anything and everything is available.

I like that I can walk down the street and hear Arab being spoken by that couple over to the right to me, go in a Japanese restaurant, and get a cab ride from a Mexican. That variety makes for a vibrant, exciting and colorful society. I know because I live in the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States. New Orleans’ population is something like 60 percent black, and 40 percent white. In the surrounding area, there are also 40,000 Palestinians as well as lots of every other nationality you can think of. And I can’t remember ever seeing any conflict along ethnic lines.

And you know what? That is what I think America is supposed to be instead of the xenophobic narrow minded country we are turning into under trump.

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