White House press secretary's schedule proves that for Trump, it's Fox News over a free press

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham had big shoes to fill when it came to dishonesty, disdain for the press, and general Trumpiness. She has more than filled them. Since starting her job in July, Grisham has not held a single press briefing, continuing the legacy of her predecessor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who stopped holding them in March. Grisham has completed the transition under Trump to the White House press secretary being wholly a propaganda position, and the media outlets she’s talking to are a perfect demonstration of that.

By CNN’s count, “Grisham has appeared on Fox News or the Fox Business Network at least 13 times.” But it’s not like she’s only talking to Fox. She’s also done an interview with a Sinclair Broadcast Group host. And the One America News Network. So … actually, she’s only talking to Fox News or media outlets to Fox’s right.

That’s what Donald Trump wants in a press secretary. He’ll take questions himself over the noise of a helicopter, pacing and ranting and berating reporters. His press secretary, though—the White House press secretary—he wants only to go on friendly networks and use them as a platform to attack the less-compliant media. Because Donald Trump does not believe in a free press, which should not come as a surprise since he’s not a very big fan of democracy, either.

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