Building A Better, More Effective, Powerful & Well Funded Texas Coalition of Black Democrats

Carroll G. Robinson

The attacks on the voting rights of Black Texans and other people of color has not ended.

The modern effort to suppress the Black vote and the vote of other people of color has included:

• Mid-Decade Redistricting;

• Voter ID Laws;

• Extreme Partisan Gerrymandering;

• The United States Supreme Court’s decision undermining the pre-clearance protection of Section 5 of the federal Voting Rights Act;

• The Court’s decision that extreme partisan gerrymandering is a political question beyond the jurisdiction of the federal courts;

• The Purging of State Voter Rolls;

• The elimination of Straight Ticket Voting;

• Opposition to On-Line Voter Registration;

• The open question of whether state legislatures in 2021 can do Congressional redistricting using only voter eligible population instead of the total population data collected during the 2020 Census. (See Evenwel v. Abbott (2016)); and

• The developing effort to try and eliminate the election of state judges during the next legislative session in 2021.

I am running for Chairman of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats to help make sure that Black Democrats in Texas are Better Organized, Better Funded, Better Prepared and More Foresighted to fight back against these attacks on our voting rights, not just at the ballot box, but also in the courts, at the Texas State Capitol and in the Halls of Congress.

For the past two years, a number of us have been working statewide to lay the groundwork and build a foundation to make sure that the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats is fully prepared to more effectively help protect our voting rights, raise enough money to register, educate and turnout (at least)1.5 million Black Democratic voters in the November 2020 General Election to:

• Turn Texas Blue;
• Elect a Democrat United States Senator;
• Win back the Texas State House and elect Democrats statewide and win county and judicial races all across the state.

That political infrastructure will also be utilized to hold elected officials accountable for protecting and advancing the interests of Black Texans in the public policy process at the local, county, state and federal levels.

Together, we can, must and will Build A Better, More Effective, Powerful and Well Funded Texas Coalition of Black Democrats for 2020 And Beyond.

Carroll G. Robinson
for Chairman
For The People

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