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For the longest time, when youth and naivete and an arrogant self assurance are the hallmarks of my character, the United States to me represented Camelot. The benevolent superpower that in my eyes could do no wrong. Their brilliant achievements dazzled me, their might and use of power had justification, their transgressions mere glitches that were barely noticeable in what to me was a modern day miracle( A super responsible super power, think batman as a country).

I was an Ayn Rand fan that was fed a regular staple of American movies, American tv shows and heck, I had a crush on Bill Clinton. The tide of newly minted engineers that washed ashore the silicon valley had several from my family too and tales of the country’s riches and hyper modern lifestyle of consumerism and excesses had me hooked.

Then came self awareness, voracious reading and Noam Chomsky. And the retelling of Vietnam, the cold war, the Taliban usurping and the shameless self serving politics they played in my own backyard — the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty post Pokhran, the Kargil war fallout and 9/11. Michael Moore took center stage telling tales from the Bush era that were so outrageous, they could only be true. Iraq happened, as did the free fall of the American market 4 years later. Which led to further reading on the capitalist financed governments that was the American Model of power and the sham that was globalization.

Obama came along and redeemed the country some in the eyes of a girl who had been let down by her hero-nation, but it was never the same. Over the years has come a sobering realization that the Camelot I envisioned could never have been an actual physical place. But it exists, a body of people with common ethos, values, a deep sense of gratitude towards the life they have been bestowed with, unmarred by greed. Exercising free will to do good unto their brothers and life in general on this planet. Those who take no more from this great planet than that which they can return. Who truly leave the world a little better than they find it. Camelot exists, and it is that which has sustained the earth.

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