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“It is a world completely rotten with wealth, power, senility, indifference, puritanism and mental hygiene, poverty and waste, technological futility and aimless violence, and yet I cannot help but feel it has about it something of the dawning of the universe.” Jean Baudrillard~America

This quote sums up a lot of the American landscape; a slice of apple pie, a drive on a freeway, a look into the abyss of futures or oblivion; the question remaining open at this juncture. The above was written, or published really, in 1986. During the Reagan era. The Cold War was ramped up in the early 80’s and somehow reason took hold and talks resumed on nuclear weaponry. The Cold War was starting to see it’s eventual end. A good thing overall. We are now in a new immersive war, one we can’t possibly win. What’s that, you say? Oh, the war on our environment. And we’re losing badly. And our leaders here in America don’t care. They are adding fuel to a burning world. They are sparing no expense in finding new resources to exploit, selling rights to public lands, building new industrial plants to manufacture crap we don’t need. I’m trying to fight back against this leviathan and will do my small part in fighting this war. I will bring out various articles to the forefront on my blog in the off chance another person reads something and acts accordingly.

Also I have to go see another doctor today and don’t have very long to write my own take on things as I see them. So I’ll use links to several sites keeping within today’s quote’s parameters. More or less anyway.

World leaders: what else can be said but an expression of horror? /

Climate impact coverups by big energy corporations: / There are more Koch industries info on that same site. A good deal of well researched data bases also. Explore and open your eyes a bit. I read the book “Climate Coverup”, detailing the lengths that energy corps go to to sow “controversy” and discordance withing the citizenry in general. It’s as bad as it sounds!

High level corruption by oligarchs: /

Capitalism: /

Mythological Delusions: /

Optimism: /

Pessimism: /

Pessimistic Delusions; from a US Army Major, retired no less. /

So there. A whole lot of good reading material to explore the depths that are becoming all to apparent to those willing to look. I have to get ready for my excursion into the world again in a few hours; marketing, Dr. appointment, fast food maybe. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

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